Tuesday, July 31, 2007


11 July 2007, I entered a technology class. The first thing that came across to my mind was, I’m going to be a dead duck!. Technological advancements like computer gadgets and softwares were aliens to me. I wondered how I am going to cope with this subject. The moment Prof. Dr Maznah started the lesson; I began to realize that all the butterflies in my stomach were gone.
I learnt that the use of technology in education is very important. Last time, teachers used chalk and blackboard in the classroom. Nowadays, with the help of technology, teachers have transformed their traditional role which is a provider to a facilitator. The learning process has become learner centric rather that teacher centric. Teacher only provide guidance and the students explore, experiment and learn on their own.
As a future teacher, I strongly agree that the usage of technology in the classroom is very beneficial. First, it allows a room for a teacher to be more creative in exploring their teaching materials which suit the needs of their students. Second, the lesson conducted will be more interesting and meaningful since the traditional way of ‘ chalk and talk’ is not a priority now. Third, the introduction of technology at a very early stage of schooling prepares the students to face the new trend of world which is IT savvy society.
During the discussion of ICT scenario, I started to question many things. How the senior teachers are going to cope with the pressure of this new style of teaching? It is a burden for them since they were not really exposed during their training. Another question is, Is it the government who will be allocating a great budget to train these teachers? If the answer is yes, will they apply the knowledge When they are back to school?Or, the courses organized to train them only serve for certification purpose? And, the most important thing is, are the technology facilities well equipped in all schools?
Deep inside my heart, I feel those questions remain unanswered if the teachers keep questioning without taking any initiatives. I personally feel that the teachers must be well equipped with the knowledge and use it wisely in the school. It is going to be a waste if the knowledge gained is only intended for certificates and increment of salary. The students need the teachers to assist them in achieving the greatest success in their life.
After the lesson ended, I took a deep breath and made promise to myself. This is my great chance to develop myself in dealing with technological stuffs in order to prepare for the future. Till the next class….