Monday, October 8, 2007


3rd October...I was still not feeling weel with the bad chesty cough, flu and fevr..Everything was in a package right..hemmm with the 'great' condition of my body...I was so shocked whae I was told that we were going to have a QUIZZZZZZZ!!!!Prof was just smiling and telling us that the quiz was the last chance for us to find another 5 marks for the subject. What? 5 marks..?haaaaa this was something great!When I looked at the questions, I was just laughing and telling myself, hey dude you're dead!hahahahahaha Still, I forced my brain to recall all the acronyms and the worst part was recalling The Merril's Principle. Honestly, I have not been reading the class notes in the muced. Good!!! A lesson for me...
  • Be prepared all the time!
  • Be diligently reading all the notes!
  • Be relax when you are given a SUPRISED test!
  • Be COOL!
  • Act as if you know all the facts...then it would be easier for you to go through all the questions!

Coming back to the self reflection(should I put it that way?) hemmm ya...we have come to the end of the course. It seems that many things that I learn throughout this course. Developing the SOFT SKILLS, developing the skills in dealing with the soft wares and the most important thing is the good job done by the prof and the tutors. A big thank you for being a great job!



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