Tuesday, October 2, 2007


19 September...It was one of the greatest day in my life within these four years of studying... The presentation of the IWB projects from all the groups!! I was fascinated and started to enjoy the excitement when the first person, Teoh presented her project..It was a good job..I was wandering how much efforts had been put by her in producing the lesson. Emmm...I was just sitting at the back and started to crack my poor brains to think of what is necessary and unnecessary in producing a high quality standard or activities which integrate the use of IWB. Maybe I shall list them as below based on the comments given after each presentation.
' the necessary ones':-
  1. suitable fonts size and colours
  2. specific target group
  3. appropriate pictures
  4. the instructions of the activities
  5. the use of authentic materials
  6. the originality of ideas
  7. the perfect choice of subject matter of the activities
  8. bla bla and bla........

' the unnecessary ones':-

  1. 'copy' the available ready materials in the market(internet I guess)
  2. too many activities to be completed at one go ( perhaps students will get exhausted physically and mentally)
  3. too much things in one slide (which made my eyes emmmm...I should not mention it)

YES...A big round of applause to all my coursemates..You guys really can make money after this..

Back to real business...What did I learn?Emmm there are many things that I learn from my mates' projects. I started to realize where MY CREATIVITY level stands. There are a lot of things which never come across to my mind. Thus, I take this opprtunity to learn something new and try to be more creative in preparing my activities for the young learners. A good thing when we have this kind of strategy I mean, having a presentation of the projects, we open the space to the others to voice out their opinion regarding the usefulness and the not so good comments of the activities presented. This is an avenue to let anyone like me to begin to reflect and improve the skill in dealing with the soft ware. So, in future, we can produce a high standard activities using the particular soft ware.

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